The Utah Windriders' Association 2020 Calendar of Events

All EVENTS are TBD unless otherwise marked. Watch the forum for changes.

Dear UWA Browsers, Members, and Contributors... Since 2014 we have had a few years of very little activity because of changing dynamics within our sports and daily lives. Previously, the now vague calendar below, included these events. As far as these events go, we will possibly look to the future for a possible reemergence of certain activities. However, the backbone of the UWA has been the invaluable local forecasts consistently posted every season by Craig Goudie, in my opinion, this alone makes the website worth it. Please contact me if you have interest in adding your talents to shape the UWA's future. Thanks, Rick Heninger, Oct 2019.

  • Date TBD... THE UWA SPRING Video Social night...

    Come and enjoy our Annual Social and video night, at a venue TBD in Salt Lake. Videos edited by UWA members and a couple professional videos every year. As always, there'll be swag and great food.

  • SPRING or FALL SWAP MEET... DATE, TIME, and LOCATION To Be Determined for 2020

  • This is where you come to find the good deals... And get some use out of your gear that YOU'RE NOT USING! Sell it, cheap or highly overpriced! Especially those highly reflective, partially rat eaten Kites.

  • TBD 2020...Saturday Night Beginner Board Regata

  • Though not a UWA sponsered event, you can meet the Starboard rep Josh Shirley, and have some beginner style fun. Details

  • Tentative Memorial Day, ...Join our Social Director at Yuba

  • The West Yuba Beach. Camping, windriding, camaraderie: A Few Days in the Dry, Dry Windy Heat... AFDDDWH!... Come sunburn your necks! Details

  • May, June, July, August, September, and maybe October... THE GORGE...

  • UWA members can be found throughout the Gorge in the summer time. But particularly near the end of July beginning of August. You'll find Craig Goudie, RockStars, Gunars, the Shlappy Ranes's and others of Tribe SurfRat (tm) there with that Gorge grin! You'll soon have it on your face after a couple seshes at the Hatch and Doug's!


  • The Campout has been scheduled for August SOMETIME. Please put it on your calanders! The fun starts Friday (Thursday for some) and doesn't finish until Sunday, when the wind stops blowing. All water lovers are invited! Newb kiters be advised that it's been called "Not a good place for Newbs." Kayaks and SUP's would be great options.

    IF you have equipment, for when the wind does not blow, bring that too. In the past, we have played some serious Bacci Ball, Volleyball, horseshoes, running off the dock, across as many windsurf boards as you can.....and so on.

    Crawdad Catchers, this is what you wait for now every year... Come up and catch a ton! Rick Heninger will boil up a cajun Crawfish Boil, ROCKY MOUNTAIN STYLE of corn, pearl onions, carrots, garlic, potatoes, sausage, Rocky Mountain size Crawdads (crayfish) of course, and some other top secret ingredients that will not disappoint.

    Evenings include campfires by the Pavilion, where Linda the self proclaimed Schmore representative aka (another fun name), uses her power marshmallow roaster, for the best schmores in town.

    INFO FOR FIRST TIMERS: We have the the whole parking lot and pavilion to use for the weekend. There are restrooms in the parking lot, but no running water. Bring your own water for drinking, cooking etc. Lake water is optional for bathing (just add a little soap to your wetsuit) and water fights. There are areas for tents, or bring your condo on wheels like we do for extreme comfort. There are some electrical outlets, but only by the Pavilion. DO NOT CAMP CLOSE BY THE PAVILION, IF YOU WANT TO GO TO SLEEP EARLY! The campfire and party can go on well past midnight, and can be a bit noisey and raunchy. So park far away from the Pavillion, if you like QUIET and SLEEP!

    No stores or restaurants close by, Evanston is 10 miles away... Not too far.

    Please ask any other questions, that you have. HOPE TO SEE U THERE!
    Please contact Sarah Ranes if you have questions.

  • Fall or Spring, ...UTAH LAKE CARP RODEO BONANZA... TO BE DECIDED Based upon Weather, and our mood---> Was a downwinder across Utah Lake... The wind was up, died half way through the race. The rescue boat picked up numerous participants in the water. And half way back to Saratoga Boat Harbor, the wind picked up in a fury causing 3-4 foot swell... That's wind sports in Utah.

  • September TBD, ...FALL YUBA CAMPOUT...

    Every fall the wind blows hard at Yuba Reservoir and only a few people take advantage of it. You gotta try it! Just don't say no!

  • November ALL MONTH, ...MOJAVE FLAT SAIL FESTIVAL... Turkey Week.

    Santa Ana winds are sweet in November! People go down and enjoy Mojave during the whole winter, but November seems to find UWA windriders at Cabin Site Cove on a North wind, & 6 Mile (near Searchlight)on a South.