Quick intro, from Mexico

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Quick intro, from Mexico

Postby Glenn Wakefield » Fri Jun 07, 2013 6:48 am

Have a home & business in Heber, newish Kite rider...

Bought a house in San Carlos, Mexico and we typically spend Oct-May/June in Mexico (House Hunters International did a show on us, if anyone caught it)... a place where kiting is popular. So I picked up kiting last Winter. Got hooked. We fly there 2-4 days a week depending on what your body can handle and winds. Looking forward to riding Deer Creek some this Summer.

Any input on what kite sizes work best? I have a 10m and 13m. Stopped at the parking area recently and chatted a guy up who said 16's are common. Sounds huge to me. What do most people fly out there on most days?

Glenn Wakefield
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Re: Quick intro, from Mexico

Postby peckdave » Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:24 am


Welcome to the Beehive. Yep, a big kite is de rigeur to maximize summer kiting fun in Utah, esp. at Deer Creek. The new kites have great range so not to worry. Two great kites for Utah are Ozone Zephyr 17 if you just want an overall fun boosty kite that you can hold down even when the wind picks up (as it's likely to do at Deer Creek), several of us swear by this kite, you can get them at Cloud 9 in Draper; or North Dyno 17 or Fuse 16, which you can get through Jon Manwaring at Mt. Top Kites. Guaranteed you won't regret this investment! I tried to get by with a 14 as my big kite as a new kiter but the frustration level at DC plummeted once I got a Zephyr, now even my 115 pound wife uses it a ton.

You also may want a 7/8 for windy days at Utah Lake, I've ridden my wife's 5 a few times in Utah too.
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