Who want to get paid?!?

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Who want to get paid?!?

Postby Creighton Baird » Wed Oct 26, 2011 1:05 am

Who wants to get paid?!? I just bought 4 kites and the necessary gear to get into the great sport of snowkiting. One problem thou, I have never done it. After watching a few of the "Big Air" youtube videos, I found myself in a trance and using my college tuition money to invest in what I hope to be my new hobby. I live in Provo, UT and am offering to trade outdoors and climbing gear/ cases of Red Bull/ cash money / a weekend at my cabin in the Ogden Valley just 5 minutes from Pineview Reservoir 20 from Powder Mountain ( both great spots so I hear for kiting) to anyone who would let me tag along with them on a snowkiting trip and show me the ropes. Hell, I will even drive and pay the gas. I'm just looking to get into this sport however I can without having to drop the $200-$400 bucks on a lesson when I'm sure many of you fine people are just as capable and willing to show someone new the ropes.
So, who wants to get a trip planned? I have weekends off and a quasi-flexible schedule with more than one college class that I'm willing to miss for this.

Email, text message, or facebook are the best ways to contact me. Please no carrier pigeons.


Creighton Baird
Creighton Baird
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Re: Who want to get paid?!?

Postby Jeff Tobian » Wed Oct 26, 2011 6:50 am

What kind of kite did you buy? You need to learn how to fly your kite without hurting yourself. Do you know how to ski or snowboard that will help. Meet me in the park some day when the wind blows. I could show you how to go up wind on a mountainboard or a trike. I will start you out on a trainer kite, then go to a four line kite. You will need a four line kite to go snowkiting. Lets meet up before the snow flies so you will be ready. Jeff 756 2275
Jeff Tobian
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Re: Who want to get paid?!?

Postby Erik Holmgren » Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:59 am

Take a lesson. Don't learn from a person who isn't a kite instructor.

Its when people try to skate by without a lesson and learning all they need to know -self rescue, safety use, preflighting gear, emergency situations and how to react in them- and get hurt that kiters get a bad rep, lose access to spots, get injured, killed, or injure someone else.

This sport can kil you if you don't fully know what you're doing.... so learn it right.
Erik Holmgren
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Re: Who want to get paid?!?

Postby bordy » Wed Oct 26, 2011 12:16 pm

Erik Holmgren wrote:Take a lesson. Don't learn from a person who isn't a kite instructor.

Its when people try to skate by without a lesson and learning all they need to know -self rescue, safety use, preflighting gear, emergency situations and how to react in them- and get hurt that kiters get a bad rep, lose access to spots, get injured, killed, or injure someone else.

This sport can kil you if you don't fully know what you're doing.... so learn it right.

Wise words from a true member of the kite communiy..... Take a lesson from a Kite instructor who has the training and gear to make you a kiter.. This is not the sport to Bro -Bra your way through a true training process....Would you learn to fly a plane from a random dude online????? Why learn to fly a kite that can kill you from one...

Buy a trainer kite learn to fly it then go see a instuctor and use your trainer kite skills..

Any random dude willing to SHow you the ropes is doing the kite communiyt a huge diservice. Pay the money for real lessons. This will get you kiting in just a few sessions while a untrained "anybody" will just prolong your process and cost you more money in the future, on damaged gear, hospital bills etc.... You pay money to use some ones gear while you are safley learning the saftey systems and rules of the road....Feel free to search or forum and see how the communiy feels about bro-bra lessons as well as self taught people....

This sport is super dangerous, it is not skiing or snowboarding thoose are super easy sports for pussys, this a real hardcore sport with hardcore punishment when you make a error...Instructors don't make any real money teaching lessons, they do how ever make safe kiters that are welcomed into the community.

You are not dealing with some "SKI SCHOOL" at a mountain that is just there to make money, you are dealing with a community of dudes that are trying to keep access to all of our kite spots by having a injury free group of well trained professionals. Please don't be the Kook who fuchs this up by trying to take short cuts that places us all in danger becuase the guy you asked for help on line doesn't teach you the true standards needed to kite safley. If you don't know the saftey systems and the proper rules as well as how to deal with emergancys via proper traing that is what you will be doing.....

Buying gear with out even knowing what gear you need may have already been your first mistake and is one you could have avioded by taking a lesson and getting educated from a instuctor about local winds, and location, as well as what kite sizes and types work best here. PLEASE do not fly your kites with out a lesson....this is just asking for trouble. It is just like trying to get into a helicopter and trying to take it for a JOY ride with out any lessons..... PLEASE be smart, fly only a trainer and take lessons!!!!

How would you feel if some dude showed up at your favorite climbing spot with outdated gear they bought on e-bay, bent beat up screws and crappy axes with dull picks, and strap on crampons over leather boots and said they were going to lead solo on a clove hitch with a base anchor becuase the guy they bought the gear from talked them though it via a e-mail when they got it.... Whould you let them climb on, or tell them to go get some real help before they got hurt.... this is what we are sugesting you do, get a true education from a true instructor that is reconized by our community....Thanks Bro I hope you understand, know one wants to take your money or cost you more to become a kiter, we just want safe members of our community...

2009-2010 snowkite national champion
2011 north amercain snowkite champinship winner.
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Re: Who want to get paid?!?

Postby Jake-wright » Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:56 pm

Here's a diff. point of view. I took lessons from Derik Sayers back in '03 but back then there wasn't a whole lot of used gear to buy, or at least i didn't have the first clue where to buy it. Also i didn't have a lot of money for it. So 6 years later in 09 i bought my first kite. i said...i've had lessons, i'm good. turns out in 6 years kites change a bit and you tend to forget stuff...hmm. well i've been lucky so far because i've only been dragged down the "beach" of lincoln beach once and haven't broken any bones or died. I had a similar attitude as you did when i first started, all the guys on youtube make this look SOOOOOOO easy. i grew up wake-boarding and snowboarding and i've done a ton of different extreme sports and now kiting. i've learned everything on my own....including kiting for the most part with helpful tips from fellow kiters. I've destroyed 1 kite, lost 1 kite, broken line sets and had to swim for hours to get back to shore all because i was unfamiliar with my equipment and proper safety techniques. I have spent YEARS and probably about a 1500.00 dollars in kites and repairs learning what any certified instructor could teach you in 4 hours for a couple hundred bucks. i've watched guys who took lessons show up for the first time and outride me after i've had 2 seasons on water Not to mention i've become uncomfortably familiar with the south shores of utah lake....that in and of itself is incentive enough for you to take lessons. Take all of our advice and do it the right way. You're probably right about some of our more experienced people being able to guide you into kiting, but for your sake i hope no one accepts the offer. because knowing what i know now i can think of 7 times give or take a couple that i could've been seriously injured, drowned, or died. seriously....

kiting is awesome!!! good luck!
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Re: Who want to get paid?!?

Postby dougbenson » Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:26 pm

so for all of those out there wishing to have a snowkite lesson, who does them and how much are they per day? i have a few friends interested.....thx doug
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Re: Who want to get paid?!?

Postby salvador » Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:23 am

i want to teach snowkite this winter i take intructor classes in the gorge year back i wana snowkite more this year bilingual espanol and ingles i kite for 7years plus. a need to make some money and play hard arrivaaaa! lets it snowwww my cell 970-2659 lest go kite
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Re: Who want to get paid?!?

Postby DaveHubbel » Thu Nov 10, 2011 5:16 pm

4 . . . 4 kites and you cant come up with a few hundred for a lesson? My advice: Call an instructor, ask him which 2 kites to sell, use that $ for lessons, you'll have great time
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