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3/17/20, Grants, 6.0/5.7/86L/112L

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 6:05 pm
by kenonstott
NOAA predicting it would fire up at noon but I got antsy and got there at 10:30. I kicked myself as the wind was already blowing hard. I started on the 6.0 and 86L race board and it was everything I could handle and more. Wild screaming reaches and nail biter jibes were the norm. After an hour it took a little breather for lunch and it took the 112L boards to keep going. But then in a matter of seconds the lake was covered with whitecaps again and it was off to the races. Water still brutally cold but air temps saved us. John made if for the 2/3 of the wind sesh and stayed mostly on his 5.7 and 85L board. We both agreed it was the best local sesh this year. Love the short walk to the water. Already 6 days at Grants in March, 4 in a row, shaping up to be the best March in a long time.