Starboard Atom IQ Carbon - Utah Special

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Starboard Atom IQ Carbon - Utah Special

Postby Josh Shirley » Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:56 am

As our 2015 season starts I have brought some 2014 overstock into the country with special pricing.
I want to pass the special on to locals before the big dealers buy up the stock.

2014 Atom IQ Carbon - Starboard Windsurf Boards
The same model (2015) with graphic changes and updates are being sold at $2199.
Typically carbon construction boards are retail around $2500.
This is a good deal.

100L - $1599
110L - $1599
120L - $1599

Reason to love this board in Utah:
1 - Powerbox Fin
2 - Wide and Thin - faster planning, planes through jibes easier
3 - Light carbon construction
4 - Ideal sizes for 5.0m to 8.0m sails.

If I only owned 1 board for sailing locally - I would own the Atom IQ because that would squeeze the most days out of our season.


Atom IQ 100 - 235cm long - 68.5cm wide - 4.5m to 7.5m sail range
Atom IQ 110 - 235cm long - 74.5cm wide - 5.0m to 8.0m sail range
Atom IQ 120 - 235cm long - 80.5cm wide - 5.5m to 8.5m sail range

As freemove boards, they are designed to be exciting and fast in the straight line yet highly maneuverable and aggressive with a widest wind-range and control.

The slim & wide shape of the Atom IQs allow them to plane early like a board with 15 liters of extra volume, yet remains as maneuverable as a board with 15 liters less. With the right tuning, you get a wind range that covers three classic freeride boards.

Very thin rails and profile combined with the compact and wide outline give the Atom IQs their sporty and comfortable character with aggressive and easy jibes and a lively planing.

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